How to Live a Life Without Religion

A lot of people blame religion for all the hatred that exists in this world. People are taught to follow certain beliefs and view the whole world in the light of these beliefs. Those with different beliefs end up in a clash, which at times can cause some serious devastation.

If you are planning on living a life without religion and freeing yourself from the cage once and for all, you will need to prepare yourself for the new lifestyle and do certain things to ensure that you do not end up getting rejected and even targeted by the society.


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    You should try to be polite to everyone. People will be less likely to reject you for being someone who does not believe in any religion if you respectful towards them. If you are rude to people or are not kind to them, they will be more than glad to return the rudeness. They are likely to feel a bit resentful towards you because of your stance on religion and will vent their anger and hatred by making your attitude an excuse. Do not give them any excuse to make life hard for you.

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    Once you start living a life without religion, you would have most likely stopped believing in the existence of any god as well. At this point, you will need to sit down and ask yourself what philosophy you would be adopting now. Having a philosophy to follow will help you realise that living a life without thinking about god or worrying about pleasing him is not at all hard. You will find it easier to stay happy this way.

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    Life is nothing without love. You need to understand this fact and embrace it wholeheartedly. If you try to live a life without love, you will find yourself losing your way and consequently getting lost. Therefore, learn to love yourself and the people who are close to you. You should also try to love people unless they give you a reason to feel otherwise about them. Also keep in mind that there is someone out there who is waiting for you to sweep them off their feet. Keep looking for them. If you have already found them and are together with them, make a sincere effort to hold on to them forever.

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    Do not try to avoid religious people. You need to keep in mind that religion is a commonly used tool in politics. If you try to avoid religious people, you will end up getting isolated and even targeted. Learn to tolerate the beliefs of other people and respect their places of worship.

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    Even though religion gets the credit for defining good and evil, understand that good and evil is a concept that exists even outside of religion. You need to accept that some things in this world are good, while some are bad. Learn to appreciate the good things and condemn the bad ones.

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