How To Make a Hot Compress

Hot compresses, also known as warm compresses, are used for a variety of healing and medicinal purposes, and contrary to what you may think at first, are excessively easy to make and use at home. Whether you are looking to relieve muscle and joint pains, strains and toothaches, or wishing to intensify the administration of herbal remedies such as castor oil, a hot compress can work wonders for your ailment.

Much like a cold compress, a warm compress is made simply by dipping a piece of cloth into water and applying it to the afflicted area – the only difference lies in the temperature of the water.

Things Required:

– Wide bowl
– Cotton or flannel cloth
– Plastic wrap
– Bandage


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    Begin by pouring some hot water into the bowl. It is essential to make sure that the water is as hot as you can stand to touch with your bare fingers. This can either come from a tap, or, if you prefer, you may use a kettle or pot to boil some distilled water.

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    Next, prepare the cloth for the compress. Take a cotton or flannel cloth, and fold it in half several times. It should form a neat, compact square that has around two to three layers.

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    Then, proceed to submerge the folded cloth in the bowl of warm water, until it is completely saturated. This shouldn’t take too long, but be careful the bowl isn’t brimming over with water, as this will cause the water to overflow if you dip the cloth in.

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    Once the cloth is completely soaked, take it out of the water, and wring out the excess water, so the cloth is not dripping, but warm and damp.

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    Place this damp cloth over the area you wish to treat, and cover it with plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic wrap is wide enough to overlap the edges of the cloth, and seals the warm cloth against your skin.

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    Wrap the entire compress up gently with your bandage, in order to hold it in place. Now, proceed to sit back and allow the healing powers of the warm compress to work their magic.

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