How to Make a Kitchen Set for a Child

In order to let your child aware of kitchen and to let him know about the kitchen skills, you can always get a kitchen set. Instead of buying a kitchen set for them, you can make one at your home using cardboard boxes as the building material. As there are no dangerous tools required to make this, you can let your child help you make the kitchen set. Get ideas from a kitchen remodeling magazines and then use the cardboard to make a dream kitchen set for your child.

Things Required:

– Kitchen remodeling magazines
– Ruler
– 4 medium-sized cardboard boxes
– Duct tape
– Styrofoam bowl, 5-inch diameter
– Mat knife
– Air-dry clay
– White glue
– Spray paint
– Construction paper
– Scissors


  • 1

    Check out the magazine

    Get some old kitchen set magazines and check out designs. You need to watch designs for stove, refrigerator and even sink.

  • 2

    Apply duct tape on the cardboard box

    In order to strengthen the cardboard box, you need to apply duct tape. Take the duct tape and apply on all the cardboard box seams and edges. You need to securely close the cardboard boxes with the duct tape.

  • 3

    Use the plastic bowl

    Now take the plastic bowl and place it upside down on top of one of the cardboard box. Mark the diameter of the bowl with help of a pencil. Later cut the traced area by using scissors. Then insert the bowl in the space you cut and with help of duct tape, attach and strengthen it. This will form your kitchen sink.

  • 4

    Make faucet for the kitchen sink

    After making the sink, you need to make the faucet with the help of clay. Place the clay on a flat surface and then roll it to form a snake. It should be about five inches long and 1 inch wide. Bend it from the middle in a way it form the faucet. Then you need to make round balls from your clay and flatten them. Label ‘H’ and ‘C’ for the knobs and later paint according to your desired colour.

  • 5

    Finishing of the sink

    Next you need to spray paint the sink and attach faucet and knobs to it with help of glue. Then use the construction paper to make cabinet door. Glue them in front.

  • 6


    Take the second cardboard box for stove and paste a large oven door on front which is cut from construction paper. In order to make burners, cut black construction paper circles and paste them on the top.

  • 7


    Place the last two boxes on one another and make a refrigerator. You need to attach them with a duct tape and then spray paint it. In the end cut out the doors from construction paper and paste in front.

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