How to Make a School Bus Ride Fun

Traveling can be boring at times, even for kids who have to travel to from their homes to schools and vice versa. For making this ride more interesting, a lot of activities can be performed in order to make the children entertained and have something to be excited about.


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    Play the colour game with the children. In this game you ask the children to pick a colour, and then watch out for the cars of the same colour. Whenever they see one, the kids are supposed to count it and by the end of the ride mention their total score.

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    Play the classical Counting the Cows game with the children in order for them to get entertained. Choose a particular object that the children need to spot on their way home, and count how many times they've seen it. This would occupy the kids till they get home, making the journey a pleasant and entertaining one for the young minds.

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    You can also help in boosting the confidence of the children by talking about their daily experiences every day. Try to involve every child on the bus in that activity so that no one is left out. This activity would raise their confidence level as well as their ability to communicate their experience. Furthermore, this would also help in developing friendships among the children under a friendlier environment.

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    A musical competition can also turn out to be a fun experience for the kids. Divide the two sides of seat rows into two groups, with each group coming up with a song in response to the other. Such an activity would be cherished by the children, and make bus trip an exciting one for them with all the singing and cheering. The famous song 'The Wheels on the Bus' is an example of such songs.

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    Games can also be used as a learning medium for the children. You can use the games as a platform to help the children learn new and different things. You can organize a game like Alphabet Geography in which you start with the name of a place, and then another children will have to name a place that starts with the last letter of that place. For example you can start with New York, and then the kids can reply continue the game stating Kansas, Spain and New Orleans respectively.

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