How to Make Android Look like IPhone

The beauty of an Android device lies in the unlimited customization options at your disposal. When you buy an Android device, you don’t have to remain stuck with the default visual interface or any other graphical interface object. Not only can you easily switch the visuals, you can even change the default interface elements in terms of their functionality and options. All this is possible because Android is, to some extent, modular, with applications responsible for nearly every interface element. This effectively means that if you want your Android device to look like a Windows device or an iPhone, you can easily do that by installing a few applications. Moreover, contrary to what many people believe, you don’t have to be advanced user to change the appearance of your Android device’s graphical interface.


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    Before you can install any apps on your device, you need to make sure it is connected to the internet and you have access to the Google Play Store.

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    You are essentially going to be installing what is called a ‘launcher’ app. Launchers are special applications designed to replace your stock interface app, which is preinstalled into your device by the manufacturer. So all the homescreens and icons you see on your device are all part of the launcher your device’s manufacturer has designed, and if you replace it with another, you can easily change all those elements.

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    On the Play Store, look for iLauncher, which is an app that recreates the iPhone interface on your Android device. Once you pay for the app and download it, you will be able to switch between your default interface and the iPhone interface quite easily, or you can decide to set one of them as the default interface.

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    If you don’t want to buy and install the launcher, you can try the alternative way of making your Android look like an iPhone by downloading an icon pack or a theme. Icon packs and themes are both free and paid, and you can easily look for one on the Play Store. However, before you do that, you will need a launcher that is compatible with them.

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    Search for Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher on the Play Store and download either one of them. Both are free and are the best launchers when it comes to performance and features. Once you download and install them you can download themes to go with them and apply them to change the appearance of your Android.

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