How To Make Beaded Hair Scrunchies

Women have been accessorizing their hair since ages, all the time they have different ideas and various accessories and stuff to make their hair look more graceful. There was a time when women used flowers and different types of stones to embellish their hair. Nowadays the idea has not changed but got a more developed image, as accessories have become easy to wear and can be found anywhere you go. Making up hair makes you feel good so you choose the stuff which is comfortable and relaxing to wear. You can use head bands, ponytails, ribbons and scrunchies to set up your hair.

Things Required

– A piece of cloth

– Sewing machine

– Thread

– Beads

– Scissors

– Needle

– Elastic string


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    Take a piece of cloth you like to have on your head, but do not select silk as it will slip down your hair in a few seconds. You may try velvet, jersey, jeans or linen as they can stay smoothly on your hair and looks great. You can go for either plain fabric or with patterns on it, both seems nice.

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    Measure the fabric in your desired size (ideal size is 22 by 6) and cut it down, but do not forget to leave half inch extra from the ends in order to sew the sides inside. Make a crease by folding the fabric in half, and then leave a half inch space for seam and then stitch it all around.

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    Now get your favourite multi-coloured beads and stitch them on the fabric by the help of a thread and needle. Take a thread that will match your fabric. Stitch each bead at a distance of 2 inches, because if the beads remain closer it will get difficult to sew it again.

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    Now last but important thing is to attach an elastic string on both ends of the band, so that it will get easier to tie it around your hair. First stitch an end of elastic string at 6 inch edge and then at other edge. Stitch it carefully by holding it tightly for giving it a strong attachment. You can play with colours, use sequence, pearls or various types of beads to make it look more beautiful and get yourself an eye-catching hair style.

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