How to Make Bridal Shower Decorations

Throwing a bridal shower for a soon-to-be-married friend is traditionally a responsibility that is shouldered by the Maid of Honour (usually the bride’s best friend), and given the fact that it is a celebration of the big upcoming event, the entire process of organising the shower can be particularly nerve-wracking. One of the prime factors involved in making sure the party is perfect, is ensuring that the decorations are elegant, and exquisitely suitable to the theme of the occasion.

Things Required:

– Tableware (plates, napkins, flatware, cups, etc.)
– Cookies and decorating supplies
– Glass globes
– Types of pasta (rotini, spaghetti)
– Flowers
– Glass pebbles
– Candles
– Streamers
– Pictures
– Balloons


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    A great option for adding visual appeal to the bridal shower is to come up with attractive centrepieces for the tables. If you are going to have a large, sit-down meal on one big table, make sure you place centrepieces across the table – however, if you are going to have lots of little tables, you will need to do a mini centrepiece for each. Arrange the tableware as per preferences, use napkins in colours that match the theme, and then accentuate the look with a centrepiece. E.g. for an Italian-themed bridal shower you can paint different types of pasta, and arrange them all in a glass globe.Scented candles, and bowls filled with coloured glass pebbles can also be a great centrepiece.

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    Instead of placing a favour next to each guests’ place on the table, arrange a separate table dedicated entirely to favours – this can serve as a great decorating option. Set a small table in a corner of the room, and arrange the favours on this artistically. The favours themselves need a fair amount of time and attention – a beautiful and easy option is to make sugar cookies as favours, and these can be cut and decorated as per your theme.

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    Use balloons and streamers. While at first thought these might seem like clichéd, tacky birthday decorations, there are many more elegant varieties of these items available. In addition, stringing streamers around the room gives the place a more spacious feel, while tying balloons to the edges of tables gives them height. Make sure you colour-coordinate these decorations, to ensure that they go with your theme.

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    A touching and appropriate way to decorate at a bridal shower is to use photos of the bride. Since the party is all about how the girl will soon tie the knot, you can use the occasion as a celebration of her life so far. Arrange photos in a chronological way around the room, starting with baby photos and leading up to recent photographs.

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    Finally, no bridal shower would be complete without lots of fresh flowers. In addition to suffusing the air with their fragrance, flowers are among the most popular bridal shower decorations. These can be bunched together and placed around the room in different vases, and can even be used as a centrepiece. To make a fresh and fragrant centrepiece, float a large white water lily on top of a small glass bowl filled with water.

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