How To Make Cheek Tint

Cheek tint is something that has been used by women even before the time of Cleopatra. Centuries ago, there were no cosmetic factories. Women used natural ingredients to make cheek tint.

If you make cheek tint at home, it will cost you only a fraction of the money you would have spent for buying cheek tint from the market. Making cheek tint is fairly easy and does not take up too much time.

Things Required:

– Chopped beet
– Vegetable glycerine
– Double boiler
– Jar
– Cosmetic bottle with lid


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    Heat 1/2 cup of chopped beat and 5 tablespoons of vegetable glycerine in the top section of a double boiler for 20 minutes. Pour the contents in a small pan. Place this pan in a larger pan and add 5 cups of water to the larger pan. Put the larger pan on a stove and heat.

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    When water in the larger pan comes to boil, take it off the stove and cover it with a lid to stop the steam from escaping. Let the pan cool to room temperature. With cheesecloth, strain the liquid from beet-glycerine mixture. This is your cheek tint. Make sure you strain all the liquid and that the liquid does not contain pieces of chopped beat because it may bleed further and alter the colour of the cheek tint.

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    Pour the cheek tint in an air tight cosmetic bottle. Remember to keep the lid closed at all times. Make sure that the cosmetic bottle you are using is sterile.

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    Before applying cheek tint, always shake the cosmetic bottle to uniformly mix the contents of the bottle. In case the colour is too dark for your liking, dilute it with water. It will eventually evaporate and dry on your skin, leaving a lighter colour.

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    Humidity prone areas are not good to store cheek tint so a bathroom closet is not the ideal place to store it. Instead, you should keep cheek tint some place in your bedroom such as your bedroom vanity.

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