How to Make Money Off of IPhone Apps

There are a lot of people and businesses making a ton of money off of apps for the iPhone and with the demand growing every single day, so is the need of making more and more applications for the millions of users out there. With the iPhone apps business, there is a potential to make a huge profit or go in total loss. You should always be prepared for that, especially if it is your first time going into the market.

Unlike Android and other app markets, iTunes has a strict testing method of which apps get through to the store and which are rejected; making the business potential even better.


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    Survey the Market

    The app market is huge, there is no doubt about that. According to latest figures, over three billion in monthly sales were reported and that figure continues to grow each and every month. That research also went to show that those sales result in $200 million flowing around the market and if you have the ability to develop and create loveable apps, this may just be a chance to get your big break.

    Surveying the market is very important in the sense that you will be able to see which sort of apps have held the top position amongst users and what is trending nowadays.

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    Learn Apples Requirements

    Apple, unlike the other OS app markets, is very strict in its scrutiny of which apps will be allowed into iTunes and which will not. The passing percentage is much lower than you may think as Apple reports to be getting 8-10,000 application submissions each week, and sometimes even more. Only a very few of them actually make it into the market, but if yours is chosen to be featured by apple for that week, the earning potential is virtually unlimited.

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    Make an App that is Wanted

    You may have an idea that you may think will change the world, but you ultimately have to decide neutrally whether that is what users are looking to pay for and download. You have to commit to yourself that what you may want to make may not deem well with users, but making something that you seem to think will make an impact just way. It is all about taking a risk and seeing how far you get because like in any other business, there is always risk involved and you just have to take your chances.

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