How to Make Party Favors

In case you throw a party, you can always make party favors so the guests will always remember the event. It is a good way to thank your guests for coming. Remember that you do not need to spend a lot on party favors as with some useful guidelines, you can make them rather inexpensively. You are required to plan before throwing your party and get low-cost items in order to make party favors according to your theme.

Things Required:

– Small boxes, bags or tins
– Ribbons
– Assorted trinkets
– Coffee mugs
– Coffee
– Tea
– Muffins
– Fresh fruit
– Cocoa mix
– Granola bars
– Slips of paper
– Fortune cookies
– Vegetable steamer
– Small plants
– Candy suckers


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    Stock up different items

    You should check out different discount or wholesale stores for small items which are low in cost and are great to give out as party favors. You can buy candles, mugs, soaps, chocolates, bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, cookie cutters, small boxes, candies or bags. You should check the theme of the party before choosing the item to use as a party favor.

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    Make favor box

    You can make a favor box for your guests. These boxes are easily available from your local candy shop. Fill the boxes with treats such as candy coated almonds, truffles or mints. In the end tie a ribbon to each box before giving to your guests. Instead of boxes you can use gift bags or decorative metal tins.

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    Make tea and coffee favors

    As your party is about the end, you can give mugs filled with gourmet tea bags or sample-sized bags of coffee. You are not required to serve your guests coffee or tea if you are doing this. Remember that you can also attach a small card with 'thank you' written on it and tie a ribbon.

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    Daybreak goodie bag

    You can give your guests daybreak goodie bags if your party is in the morning. You need to give every guest a lunch bag which consists of a piece of fresh fruit, cocoa mix, a muffin and granola or cereal bar.

  • 5

    Small potted plants

    You can decorate your event with small potted plants. When the event ends, you can give your guests these plants. In case you are not willing to give plants as a party favor, you can always make long-stemmed bouquets with the help of candy suckers.

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