How to Make Peace after a Fight

It is normal for people to fight. Relationships are emotional and more often than not, you tend to fight with people whom you love the most. This makes it tougher and all the more important for you to make up for the part you played which caused the situation to go over the line. Staying angry will only make matters worse but accepting your mistake and taking measures to build the relationship again can surely help you overcome the emotional trauma and move on in your life.


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    Take the initiative

    As most relationships won’t get solved on their own, it is important that you take the initiative and try to reach out to the person with whom you had a fight. This can be through a short phone call, eye to eye contact, email or even a letter if the person is out of reach. However, make sure that you don’t start the conversation from where you left it as it will only lead to more aggression from both sides. Just give yourself and the other person time to reflect upon the whole situation. During that period, make sure that you keep in touch. No contact would be detrimental and may end up creating further boundaries.

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    Stop the blaming game

    It is often that you want to put the blame on the other person. Even if this is the case, it is important that you covey a feeling of warmth, where you are ready to bury the hatchet by getting over the past. Moving on will be the ideal way to tackle the situation.

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    Here again a sincere apology will go a long way in helping you over turn matters, even though you don’t consider yourself at fault. It is highly unlikely that you will be completely innocent so it better that you apologize for your part and make peace.

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    Give the relationship time

    Even after taking the above factors into consideration, it will take time for both parties to patch up their differences. While you may have safely negotiated the difficult period, gaining back the trust of your loved ones will be a slow process. In order to ensure that things get back to normal, or as they used to be before the fight, it is important that you forgive and forget.

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