How to Minimize Pain from a Tattoo

Nearly 40 per cent of all people including the ages of 18 to 40 have at least one tattoo. Most of them are willing to imprint more tattoos but the painful procedure hinders their decision. On the other hand, people who want to get their first tattoo are reluctant because of the same reason.

Tattoo pain is dependent on the size of the tattoo, the person who is printing and the place of the tattoo. If someone is having a tattoo over the bone e.g. elbow, knee or ankle then he will suffer more pain in contrast with the person having tattoo on the meat of the shoulder.

Things Required:

– Anti-inflammatory medicine
– Small snack
– Water
– Chewing gum
– Fan


  • 1

    Anti-inflammatory medicine

    You can take some anti-inflammatory medicines in order to reduce the pain without making you feel dizzy. Advil is a good example of this type of non-narcotic medications. You should not take painkillers and should avoid going for tattooing after drinking. No Tattoo master will draw a tattoo on you under these conditions. Remember that alcohol makes your blood thinner which will lead to more bleeding.

  • 2

    Small snacks

    You should consume small snacks especially which are high in protein. This will help you bear the pain caused by tattooing. If you go for tattooing empty stomach then you will feel more pain.

  • 3


    You should drink water in regular intervals during tattooing. In addition to this, you drink water before and after this process. This is to make sure you are hydrated as with bearing this amount of pain your body will heat up and sweat more.

  • 4


    You can always chew gum in order to divert your attention towards moving your teeth. By this your body will intake less pain then it can note down.

  • 5


    You should sit under a fan in the shop such that the fan focuses on your head and upper body. Remember that you can also bring your own fan into the shop. This will lower chances of fainting.

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