How to Open Bus Door in an Emergency

Public transport systems are always equipped with additional safety and security options such as emergency exits. A bus for example will have two to three emergency exits or doors. The purpose is to help quick and safe exit of all passengers in case of emergencies and accidents, which is not possible through regular doors. It is human nature that a person immediately looks for a safe place when hit with an emergency and in the process others even run over. So in case the regular exit doors or gates of a bus are chocked, people focus on more than two exit points, and thus rush is divided and people can exit safely.

Generally, emergency exit doors are easy to open. They just have a handle or push button, which if pressed in emergency opens the door. Also, there is emergency exit written on these doors and sometimes instructions like break the glass or press the handle to open the door are written.

Nevertheless, the process can be a bit confusing because of the nature of an emergency that it makes people quickly lose senses and they become confused. This make even simple things complicated. A good composure is needed to open emergency exit and help secure your life and lives of other passengers.


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    Location of Emergency Door

    Generally you should look at the emergency exits soon after you board a bus, whether or not there is an emergency. It can help you to quickly locate emergency exits in case of an emergency. Normally, an emergency is located in the right side at back of the bus. Sometimes an door is given in the left side, but in very rare cases. Also, you can use regular doors as emergency exits by forcibly opening them.

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    Pull the Lever

    Once you have located the emergency exit, pull the lever or handle on the top side and it opens the door outside. Make sure the bus has stopped before opening the emergency door. If you open it while bus is moving, especially at a higher speed, this can cause severe injuries and the purpose of safe exit is lost.

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    Observe Other Instructions

    If the exit does not consist of just a lever pull and there are some other instructions, follow them. It can be that the door is opened with a simpler push button but that is in glass box, you will need to break the glass and press the button. This is however not commonly used in buses emergency exit.

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    Take Help

    If somehow you are not able to pull the lever or push the latch, leave it for others. Do not waste time while struggling with the door, it is possible that your lack of power or concentration might have caused some problem, so if you leave the matter for someone else, it can save your life and lives of other passengers.

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