How to Plan a Lesson for Homeschooling

Homeschooling lessons provide a perfect substitute for families, who cannot or feel reluctant to send their child to schools. With one-on-one interaction, parents can easily use various methods of education which ideally suits and benefits their child.


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    Your first task is to design a set of courses, which will be taught to the students and must be cleared in order to pass a certain level of education. The curriculum may be elementary in nature, where lessons are designed in order to help a child cover the basics. You will be required to create a list of lectures which will provide a brief overview or summary on each subject on offer.  This can be done on a daily basis, or through a project or time based method, depending on the importance of the subject.

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    This is the important part of your homeschooling where you will plan each of your lecture related to the subjects under discussion. This will include the number of days in which a particular topic will be covered per week.

    You may take an estimate figure and round it off. For instance, if a subject has 80 lessons, then divide that number with number of weeks in a year. In our case, that will equal to 2.22. For simplicity, we will assign it 3 days per week in order to ensure that the topic is covered extensively. If you feel like you can have alternative classes (2 in one week and 3 in the other), then you are still on track to finish the lessons in a full year.

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    Preparing timetable

    Schedule the lessons into a weekly timetable in order to figure out the proper timings of each lecture. For instance, if you will be teaching 5 days a week (excluding Saturday and Sunday), and have assigned 3 lessons for Math, then decide the exact days on which they will be taught. Carry on this activity until all subjects have been inserted.

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    Other considerations

    It is important that you prepare the lectures in a sequence, which allows flexibility. For instance, if a Math lecture cannot be covered in one period, then you can assign two lessons a day so that the topic can be extensively covered without any interruption.

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