How to Put in Hair Weaves

If you are one of those people who love to have long hair, consider using a hair extension or hair weave of your desired style. With the help of a hair weave, you can make your hair curly, straight and even layered.

Hair weaves are good for many reason and gives you a distinctive look to your usual self.   If  you really want your hair weave effort to standout, you got to make sure you do things right.  For example, don’t put the weave in after taking it out of the pack.  Make sure to have it styled to fit your look and face so that it looks natural. Doing it right will  give you the longer, fuller hair and can act as a confidence booster.


  • 1

    Things Required:

    - Hair weave
    - Shampoo
    - Conditioner
    - Rattail comb
    - Rubber bands
    - Bobby pins
    - Weaving needle
    - Weaving thread
    - Scissors
    - Hair glue
    - Curling irons
    - Oil-based product

    Visit a number of beauty supply salons and choose weaves that best suit your needs. You would be able to find weaves in different styles and colors so take time to choose the best one.

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    Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair properly. This will soften up your hair, allowing you to put in the hair weave more easily.

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    Divide your hair into small sections from the front of your head to the back with a rattail comb. Secure each section with a rubber band or a bobby pin. Make sure that all of the sections have roughly equal number of hair. This will ensure that the resulting cornrows are of equal weight. Firmly braid all of the hair sections before moving on.

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    Feed the hair weave track through the hole in a weaving needle and then use the needle to lay the track through the braids you had made earlier, crosswise, threading the needle through your hair to secure the track. Make a small knot at the end of the track to keep it from slipping out of your hair.

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    Repeat the previous step once again, this time passing the track above the cornrows that you had skipped earlier. As before, tie a knot at the end. Keep the knot light to prevent your hair from looking bulky.

  • 6

    Continue in this manner until all of the cornrows have been attended to. Leave about one quarter of an inch of track and snip it with a pair of scissors. Attach more weaves in a similar manner if required.

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    Use small drops of hair glue to secure loose ends of the track flat against the hair. Keep the track pressed against the hair for a short while so that it would not become loose. About 20 to 30 seconds would be enough time for the glue to set and dry properly. Cut and shape the weave and use curling iron to get your hair in the desired style.

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