How to Recover From a Social Media Hangover

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc consume plenty of your time, you forget everything and get stuck in time management issues. It is a job for some people who use social media for marketing of their business, though a time comes when they find themselves unappeased and frustrated with all this routine and want to quit it all of a sudden. For recovering from this hangover, one should engage themself in some other activities which are more interesting and better than socializing. Quitting is not a good option, you should change your priorities, set the things that pleased you at first spot and make social media your second priority.


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    First, pen down things that made you join social media, whether it was for becoming more social or taking your business closer to your consumers. This list will help your interest remain intact with social networking websites and let you release your feeling of hangover at earliest.

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    Manage your time, divide your day in sections and give a suitable time to social media. Do things you really enjoy and have not done them from a long time, like hanging out with friends, taking a walk to a park and reading a book sitting there. Give some time to yourself and try to plan a good and healthy diet for yourself, do some exercise and go to gym. Cook your favourite food or throw a party for your friends or family.

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    It is not necessary to only socialize through social media, try meeting new people in the real world.  Spending too much time on the internet or at work may make you stiff and expression-less when it comes to mingling with new people or the people who live in your locality. Be a good communicator and make others more comfortable so that they enjoy talking to you and like to be a friend of you.

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