How To Register A Marriage In London

Getting married is one of the most exhilerating and enriching experience of life. Planning a wedding entails various tasks and responsibilities including the task of getting it registered with the government. In order to register a marriage in London, one should contact the local Register Office and provide them with all the relevant details. If any conditions or pre-requisites apply then they should also be fulfilled. For a religious marriage you may get married in any Anglican Church or building registered to host marriages. For Civil marriages, the venues are the local Register Office or a place recommended by it.


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    Religious Marriages

    If you are getting married in a religious building or church then first contact the person in-charge of the building and then contact the superintendent Registrar of the local Register Office. You will be required to bring a minimum of two other persons who will be witnesses of your marriage and will sign as such. However, if you plan to complete your marriage process in the Church of England or Church of Wales, then talk to the vicar of the church. Normally, for these two venues it is not necessary to involve the Register Office.

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    Civil Marriages

    Civil marriages are held at the local Register Office or any place recommended by it. At least two people need to be brought by you as witnesses to marriage who will also sign as witnesses to it. If you are planning to add a ceremony then you should talk to the officials of the Register Office in advance.

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    Find your Register Office

    Click here to find your local Register Office.

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    Legal Obligation of registering a marriage

    You are legally bound to furnish a notice before the marriage or civil partnership. The notice is displayed for 15 days before a couple can get married. A notice is not required if one is marrying in Church of England or Church in Wales. Also, the couple needs to live in the area for seven days before submitting the notice.

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    Cost of Getting registration of marriage

    The cost to give notice to form a civil marriage or partnership is 35 GBP. The cost to register a marriage or civil partnership at a Register Office is 45 GBP. Moreover, the cost for the civil partnership or marriage certificate is 4 GBP.

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