How to Show a Chat Box on Yahoo

Yahoo messenger is software that enables you to chat with your friends, family and loved ones. You can add people at your will and can delete those that cause trouble for you. You can do voice chat as well as a video call from the latest version of the Yahoo Messenger. However, you will not be able to begin a chat especially with the crush of your life unless you take the first step by opening a chat window of his/her and starting a random discussion. Either the other party has to do that which is highly unlikely or you will have to do the difficult job of commencing a decent conversation. Yahoo Messenger makes life easier by showing you the contacts in your list that are online and that are not. You can also create groups that will differentiate different type of people in your list like you can make a group of family, friends, and loved ones separately so that you don’t have to go through the entire list to find a particular contact. Remember the main thing is to open the chat box and begin talking because that is the only method you can transfer your message to the other person. Online dating is very usual these days so you will have to learn the art of starting a chat and make it interesting to retain the attention of the other person who you are talking to.


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    Click the ‘Start’ menu at the left-hand bottom corner of the desktop. You will have to point towards ‘Programs’ and find the Yahoo Messenger. Click the software shortcut to open the Messenger. It will ask you for the Sign in and password of your account. Provide that to unlock your contact list.

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    After signing up, you will see two different groups; one of them will show you the online buddies that will be listed in bold and other are offline. Online buddies will most probably reply you in real time while you can send a message to an offline buddy but they will receive it the next time they sign in.

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    To begin the chat, just double-click the contact that you would like to talk to. A chat box will open that will enable you to type anything you want.

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    Write a message and press enter to send it to other contact.

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