How to Spend Valentine’s Day at Home with your Girlfriend

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you would picture people wearing the usual pink, red and white. However, that’s mostly done during high school or university days. Once you enter your practical life, it becomes hard for everyone to wear the same Valentine’s Day colours throughout the day. This is when your actions towards your significant other matter a lot. If you are planning to enjoy a holiday on a Valentine’s Day, opt for staying at home in order to make your girlfriend’s day special. She has been there for you all this time, perhaps it’s time for you to pay it all back.


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    First things first, try to wake up early on the morning of 14th of February. Why? In order to make her the most delicious breakfast which the two of you can enjoy in bed. Bed breakfasts are made by many men around the globe on this special day and you should be one of these men. If you think you cannot cook, you can always get it packed from a nice restaurant and present it to her. She will only notice how much you care and not the fact that you couldn’t cook yourself.

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    Once the two of you are done with your breakfast, it is time for you to get out of bed and do certain things at home. It could be anything. Something that the two of you would love to do together. If there is a chore which one of you has to complete, perhaps now it’s time for both of you to do it. For instance, if there is dirty laundry and your girlfriend would clean mostly clean it up on a daily basis, perhaps it’s time for you to help her out in all this.

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    Prepare the lunch with your girlfriend as well. If you are not a good cook, don’t worry; you can always be a good assistant. Just stand by your girlfriend and do whatever work she asks from you.

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    Play different board games and romanticize your day. Do fun activities. If you are tired of being at home, you two can always go out together to enjoy some time at the mall; or perhaps a walk in the park while the two of you hold hands.

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    Later, organize an indoor picnic. This picnic would see you decorating your house from the inside. It’s just like Christmas; only the decoration is quite romantic and filled with flowers, and scented candles.

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    Lastly, eat your dinner in this romantic atmosphere. You can always take your dinner into bed too. It’s Valentine’s Day and the two of you deserve to spend the whole day together.

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