How to Spot Fake Herschel Backpacks

When it comes to backpacks, nothing screams quality like the Herschel brand. Even so, the brand has gained much popularity over the past years, which by reason of its success, unfortunately, has led to numerous production of counterfeit versions by several unknown manufacturers. So before looking to spend your hard earned money on any style of Herschel backpack, you must consider a few things that will help you make the best decision every time you are looking to buy one or more. If you are reading this article then you are making a first bold step to acquiring authentic Herschel backpacks. Read on to find out how to spot fake Herschel backpacks.


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    Stitch patterns

    Inspect the bag for a straight and consistent sewing pattern. Make sure there aren’t any irregularities. If you spot any, then it’s very much likely to be a fake.

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    How much do they go for? This should also be another indicator to help you determine whether or not, if it’s the real thing. If they cost you almost nothing before acquiring them, then it’s probably not the genuine thing.

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    Website’s rating

    Perhaps you are looking to make a purchase from an online store. Then make sure you check the website’s ratings and comments. If they are positive, then it’s a good sign that it is safe to make a purchase.

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    Quality of material

    Check the bag for overall quality. It’s easier at times to quickly notice something unusual about the bag, if you have used them before. However, if are buying them for the first time, simply go with someone that knows what authentic ones look like. Even better, you can visit their official website and try comparing with the ones in the store you are looking to buy from. If notice even the slightest difference, don’t bother buying anything.

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    Sellers attitude

    Most people barley pay attention to a sellers attitude when purchasing their favorite items. But the truth is, it matters and if you are paying just enough attention, you’ll be able to tell if whatever he is selling, is indeed genuine. So take a closely look at his reactions, if he is too in a hurry to have the Herschel backpack sold to you, then it’s probably because it’s fake.

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    Country of origin

    If doesn’t say made in Canada, then it’s likely to be a fake one. However, recent survey has shown that the company has expanded and are been sold in about 70 countries.

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    Before taking home with you a Herschel backpack, make sure you analyze them properly by making use of this tips and ensure you are making the right decision.

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