How to Spot Fake Longchamp Hand Bags

If the Longchamp brand is a beloved designer brand of yours,  then picking up cheap knockoff  is the last thing you want to encounter. Over the past years, counterfeit versions of the Longchamp designer bags have been spotted, produced in large quantities all over the world to pass off for the real deal. More so, these counterfeit versions have little or no visible differences that make it easy to quickly determine if it’s real or not. So before paying your hard-earned money to procure one for yourself, you will have to be very careful, otherwise be sold the wrong thing. Fortunately for you, we have compile for you few tips to help you make the best decision every time you are looking to make a purchase.


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    Snap button

    Inspect the snap button that secures both end of the bag, if it is an original, it should read LONGCHAMP 1948 in that order, not the other way round, as most counterfeits versions do.

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    Check the outer flap for a diamond pattern. The flap should also have a rich tan color. And if you look much closer, you will see the uneven color of the flap. If the one you are looking even has even and overly smooth flaps, then it’s probably not the real thing.

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    Country of origin

    Once upon a time, authentic Longchamp items were only produced all the way from France, but recently the "less-authentic" bags have also been spotted, made from China and Tunisia.

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    Check the Zipper pulls, it should feature, "LONGCHAMP" on top  and "1948" below. However, older models read "LONGCHAMP" on top then "Paris" or "France" below.


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    Inspect the transparent tag, usually located in the bag. It should feature the model number, country of origin and care instructions. If yours doesn’t come with a tag, then it’s probably a fake one.

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    Color range

    If you are going for the Longchamp Neo, there only seven available colors for this design. Bilberry, Navy, Black, Hydrangea (hot pink), Emerald, Poppy(orange-red) and orange.

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    This is usually another surefire way to determine if that Longchamp bag is real or not. If the seller is looking to give you at a price that will cost you almost nothing compared to a nickel or dime, then it’s probably because it isn’t genuine. So beware!

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    With these tips, you can easily walk into a designer store and purchase any Longchamp designer bags of your choice, fully assured that you are taking home with you something genuine.

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