How to Track Your Android Phone

Stolen and lost mobiles are something that definitely irritates anyone, not just because of the value of the phone itself, but because of their being such valuable data inside of it. From contracts to pictures and personal notes, phones have become the all-in-one storage device for us now and losing it could mean a lot of lost moments.

The good thing at least with latest smartphones is that they now come with built-in GPS devices, which allow the phone to be tracked virtually anywhere in the world it may be through the use of proper techniques. Android, which is Google’s Operating System, is now commonly found on most smartphones everywhere and has a number of features which can come handy in this situation.

For those who have not yet lost their devices, they are the lucky ones, since there are a lot more things they can do, but for those who did not do anything and are looking now to recover it, there is still one option.

Follow the steps below to help you track your Android phone in the easiest and quickest way possible.


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    For Those Who Have Yet to Lose Their Phone

    Not having lost a phone yet is a blessing and those who have not, should not take this for granted. Just ask someone who has and is unable to locate it due to not having taken the right steps.

    The best way to secure a phone is to install one of many available applications in the market, which not only act as an antivirus but also have a built-in option of tracking the phone in stealth mode whenever the SIM card is changed in the device.

    Most are free, but some require a one-time payment to be made and guarantee that a phone will be located if it is stolen in any case.

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    For Those Who Have Lost Their Phone

    Losing a phone is a very difficult time to go through. If it is stolen or lost, either way, there is still hope for it to be recovered especially if there is a GPS tracking device built-in.

    The best way to go about it would be to contact a telecommunication company which could track the phone through the IMEI number and find its location or if that is not an option, registering a theft with the police will be of help as well.

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    Tracking the Phone with Security Software Installed

    If you have one of the many available anti-theft apps installed on your phone, there are numerous ways that the device may be located. Some have options to access and manipulate the device through special codes if they are emailed to a server while some apps will automatically alter the owner once the SIM card is changed through a backup phone number or email.

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