How to Turn Your Ipad into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

The iPad was and continues to be a revolutionary product that changed the way people treat computers forever. Now with the ability to use any cellular data connection on your iPad, using it as a Wi-Fi Hotspot could never have been easier. Prior to the iOS 4.3 software update, users could not use this feature and were unable to create Wi-Fi networks, but with the help of third party applications, this was made possible.

Now, with the latest updates, Apple has introduced this feature free of cost and with a few changes in settings here and there, users can now broadcast their cellular data connection, most preferably a 3G one, when in need to use it on other devices such as cellphones and computers.

Things Required:

– Cellular Data Connection
– 3G iPad Model
– iPad iOS 4.3 or newer


  • 1

    Go into Settings

    To kick off the process of enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot on your iPad device, the first thing you need to do is tap on the “Settings” icon on your iPad. For those who do not know where it is, they can easily go into the menu area and search it up from there.

  • 2

    Find and Tap Personal Hotspot

    After going into the settings menu, look for the “Personal Hotspot” button and tap it to go into the Wi-Fi Hotspot area. The first requirement would be to switch it to the “ON” position.

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    Remember to Put a Password

    In the Personal Hotspot menu, there will be a textbook called “Wi-Fi Password”. This is where you get to enter a password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot. This is extremely important as it will keep anyone else from penetrating your network and using an internet connection you’re paying for, for free.

    Also, when the Wi-Fi Hotspot is not in use, remember to turn it off to avoid the usage of extra battery power that would unnecessary at the time along with saving you extra data usage.

  • 4

    Tap the Home Button

    Now that you have completed the basic settings to turn on and secure your Wi-Fi Hotspot connection, tap the Home Button at the bottom of your iPad to save them and move on to using the feature now.

    If you have a limited data connection that will overcharge you for extra usage, it is recommended that you download a third party application in order to monitor the data use and also warn you when the prescribed level is about to be reached.

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