How to Understand the Holy Bible

Mankind is blessed to have holy books such as the Bible and the Quran, which guide their followers towards the path of their creator. However, interpretation and understanding of holy books still remain a massive challenge. The holy Bible is still one of the bestselling books in the world, offering its readers guidance and lessons about life and accounts of history, witnessed by the people who were alive thousands of years ago. If you are facing difficulty in understanding the words of God, you can adopt a few techniques that can help you a great deal.

Things Required:

– Holy Bible
– A highlighter


  • 1

    Pray before you read Bible

    Before you start reading the Bible, you should pray and ask God to guide you at each step and show you the path of truth. Praying before reading Bible will actually help you understand the book of God in a better way. God says in the book of Jeremiah, "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for me with all your heart."

  • 2

    Read the Bible regularly

    One of the best ways to enhance your understanding of the Bible is to make sure that you read it regularly. Some people make a mistake by trying to read the entire Bible in one go or from cover to cover. However, if you are looking to understand Bible, you should read a little at a time and then ponder over what you have read.

  • 3

    Read New Testament first

    For newly converted Christians, it is advised that they read the New Testament first.

  • 4

    Keep a highlighter with you

    While reading a Bible, you should keep a highlighter with you. If you do not understand a verse or any particular word, you need to highlight that portion and consult a religious scholar about the correct meaning or interpretation of that verse or word.

    In order to remind yourself about re-reading the scriptures you wish to understand better, you should place bookmarks within the pages.

  • 5

    Join a Bible study group

    You should join a Bible study group at your church to enhance your understanding of the God’s words as studying and sharing Bible in a group always helps. Sharing opinions with each other will surely help you develop a balanced understanding.

  • 6

    Study in context

    It is imperative to study Biblical lessons and passages in context; otherwise, it would be almost impossible to understand the book of God as it possesses analogies and stories.

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