How to Unlock Samsung Phones

Generally, use of an unlocked phone, which was locked to a specific mobile phone network operator is not recommended. The reason is that an unlocked phone does not give you the benefit of accessing all the content, which is provided by that specific mobile phone network provider. Once you unlock your phone and it is switched to another mobile phone network carrier, you find certain changes. You will access content from the new service provider but charm and benefit of mobile handset use might not be the same.

Nevertheless, it seems every other mobile phone user has used an unlocked phone. There are more than one ways to unlock a phone, including a Samsung Phone. This includes all models of Samsung Phones, no matter if they are 2G or 3G handsets.  If you have purchased a second-hand mobile phone, which was locked to a specific mobile phone network service provider, you can unlock it and enjoy services provided by the new career. You can also use it on the pay as you go plans.


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    Unlocking of Samsung Phone by Cable

    This is one of the easiest way of unlocking your Samsung phone. You can unlock it online, with a little effort. You just need the USB cable, which normally you get with your handset and an Internet connection. You will have to plug the phone with computer and get access to online unlocking services. Otherwise, you can do it by yourself if you know how to generate a code. If you have never done the process before it is better to get some help or get it done by the online unlocking service providers for you. It is not an expensive option. Further, it can help you access other option such as Direct unlock, Repair Phone Freeze, Read Unlock Codes, Brute Force Lock, User Code Reset and Patch Unlock - if  your phone is not supported for Direct Unlock.

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    Unlocking Samsung Phone by IMEI

    No worries if you do not have a USB cable available at the time you unlock your phone, you can still do it by IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number.  For this, you will need to know your mobile network operator and the region they are provided the service in. For example, if you are in the USA or Canada, you can also check this with online unlocking services providers.

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    Unlocking Samsung Phone Through Professional Tools

    Generally, this method is used by professional unlocking service providers. It is not feasible for a single mobile phone user. The unlocking service providers have to pay for softwares and application in addition to cables to offer professional Samsung Phones unlocking service. Sometimes they use above two methods to unlock phones for customers but often they have a complete range of softwares and applications.

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