How to Use a Digital Manometer to Check Gas Pressure on a Propane

Measuring pressure of any gas can come handy and even necessary under certain circumstances. Modern day tools have become extremely precise in taking measurements and the conventional analogue measurements devices are getting gradually obsolete. A manometer has been used to measure the gas pressure for years and its readings have also been reasonably accurate. The older version of manometer use to be a liquid column hydrostatic instrument, which could measure gas pressure near to atmospheric pressure. However, a digital manometer being used these days is far more sophisticated, accurate and can resist water pressure up to 150 PSI (pound force per square inch). This electrical device has a built-in function of converting the pressure readings into different units of measurement and has a memory to save data as well. You just have to explore the different features of a digital manometer to use it in the best way.


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    A digital manometer is powered by a chargeable battery and you have to ensure you have properly inserted it into the slot provided. Normally, the battery compartment of a manometer has a protective cap screwed to the body and you have to open it up with a screwdriver. Make sure the battery is fitted with correct terminal connections.

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    You will find a power button on the front side of the manometer. Hit the button and turn your device on.

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    As soon as you turn on the manometer, it will start measuring the current air pressure and provide you with a reading on its display screen. You need to recalibrate it by re-zeroing it immediately so that you can take accurate measurements later. You will need to open up the two ports and vent them to prevent the device catch any pressure. Now press the ‘Zero’ button.

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    You must go through the user manual of the digital manometer to verify the tubing your barbed connections fit. Digital manometers can measure both positive and negative pressures, as well as the differential pressure accurately. If you desire to obtain a positive pressure, you should connect the positive port and vent the negative one. For measuring negative pressure, you have to do the opposite.

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    For obtaining differential pressure, you need to connect the positive port to the higher pressure and the negative port to the lower pressure.

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    The ‘Unit’ button on the manometer allows you to change the pressure measuring units easily.

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    The ‘Store’ key on the face of the digital manometer will save your results in the built-in memory of the device for later use.

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