How to Use an iPhone 3G Car Charger on a Plane

Apple’s iPhone 3G is a Smartphone which was introduced on 9th June almost five years ago at the Moscone Center in United States of America. Internally this model was similar to its predecessor but contained many features. It included several features e.g. Push emails and turn-by-turn navigation. The new operating system introduced the App Store to whole world.

App store includes every type of software ranging from games to work related. You can install weather determining applications, document reading applications, carry documents anywhere and take or create pictures.

The App Store was the most important feature of iPhone 3G. It’s a place where you can find and install third party applications on user devices.

The phone came in two different storage sizes: 8 GB and 16 GB. The 2.0 megapixels camera helped to take clearer pictures anywhere.

However, with so many applications, it uses a lot of battery. The actual battery life of this phone is less than what the company claimed. Thus the iPhone 3G requires constant charging.

If you are travelling out of city or country in plane, you can use your iPhone 3G for playing games or for work purposes. In case your battery power lowers, you can use your iPhone car charger to charge your phone.

Things Required:

– DC to AC adapter
– Airline adapter


  • 1

    Determine the type of adaptor you require

    First of all you need to call your air line help-line or simply take information from travel agents that what type of ports they use. Some airline uses AC ports and some DC ports. In case your airline have DC ports, you can go directly to step 4. You don’t need to buy any adaptor or hardware.

    If they have AC ports in their flights then you need to proceed towards the next step.

  • 2

    Place DC adaptor of your iPhone to the DC to AC adapter

    After figuring out your airline has AC ports in your flight, insert the DC adaptor of your iPhone 3G into the DC to AC adapter.

  • 3

    Join adapter to other side of AC adaptor

    Next you need to join the adaptor to the opposite end of the AC adapter.
    Remember if no adapter is needed then you can leap over this step.

  • 4

    Join the adapter to the adapter on plane

    In the end, simply connect the adapter to the one present in your flight. The Adapter in your flight can be place on your armrests, on the back of the seat in front of you. Plane adapter can also be located on the side of your seat.

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