How to Use Your Blue Recycling Bin in Ottawa

As an Ottawa resident, you should have both a blue recycling bin and a black recycling bin that are collected on alternating weeks. These bins provide you with a wonderful opportunity to contribute to recycling, the greater good of the environment and set a wonderful example for your family and friends. It is always good to recycle so that the piles of garbage in landfills can be reduced and things do not get wasted.

The following guide provides detailed information on everything you need to know about what goes into your blue recycling bin.


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    When it comes to glass there can be a lot of confusion as to what can be recycled and what cannot. Most of us actually assume that anything that is made from glass can be easily recycled. However, this not the case as there are many different factors involved with recycling glass. Below is a listing of the types of glass that can be recycled and the ones that should be treated as regular garbage.


    - bottles and jars

    Regular Garbage

    - ceramics (dishes and pottery)
    - drinking glasses, window glasses and mirrors
    - light bulbs (including fluorescent)

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    As with glass, not all metals can be recycled and put in your blue recycling bin. There are different classifications for metal waste. Remember to follow these guidelines when it comes to identifying which items can be recycled and which metal items are to be treated as garbage.


    - cans
    - aluminium containers and foil
    - paint cans (remove lids)

    Regular Garbage

    - metal clothes hangers
    - scrap metal
    - chip bags and other similar wraps

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    Remember that not all plastic items can be put in your blue recycle bin. There are different classifications for this type of waste as well. Do not assume that just because an item is made from plastic that it can be recycled. You will have to follow the guidelines given when it comes to deciding which plastic items can be recycled and which things should be put in the garbage.


    - plastic bottles, jugs and containers
    - yoghurt and other similar tubs and containers

    Regular Garbage

    - styrofoam
    - plastic bags of any kind
    - hard plastics
    - motor oil containers

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    Other Blue Bin Items

    - take-out food containers
    - pails (remove metal handles)
    - planting trays and flower pots
    - all carton types: juice, milk, and soup boxes

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