How to Wait for a Bus

Waiting is probably one of the most frustrating things. No matter what you are waiting for, even a second feels like an eternity. Imagine you have missed the bus and waiting for the next one, but the time you are spending at the bus stop will be very tough to pass.

Therefore, you have to be mentally strong in order to cope with the situation. No one can afford to miss the bus, especially when you have to get somewhere on time, so it is always better to reach the stop slightly before time. Waiting for the bus is far easier than missing one.


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    Your clothes must be as comfortable as possible. Waiting becomes even more annoying when you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes. You should feel at ease while sitting,  standing or walking while waiting for the bus.

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    In case of an occasion, call the day before your trip. Even if you are starting on a new route, it is always better to make a call, and talk to the operator about where and when you will be travelling. Start your preparations accordingly.

    One can also take help from the printed schedule usually pasted at bus stops. The bus services also put it on their website. It is imperative that you reach the stop 7-10 minutes early, because the bus driver may not find the usual traffic everyday and might arrive early.

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    If another passenger is waiting for the bus, talk to him and confirm the timings. You can also use your cellphone to call the number written on the printed schedule at the bus stop. The operator may tell you the exact location of the bus, if he has wireless link with the driver.

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    Here comes the most difficult part, the waiting. While waiting, you can plan your week. Try to remember the things that you need to do in the coming days. If you have internet on your mobile phone, you may check your email or visit the website of your choice.

    If you have a portable mp3 player, enjoy your favourite music. You may read a magazine or book. Stretch your legs, and relax for a few minutes by closing your eyes.

    Eating in the bus is unethical, so eat something at the stop.

    If you have not talked to any friend for a long time, it is the best time to call, and say hello.

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