How to Wear Green Eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow for eye makeup undoubtedly looks hot as it is a fresh and bold color, giving a very attractive and funky feel. You can carry green eyeshadow on various occasions year-round in various shades. However, wearing green eyeshadow is an art. It requires proper control on various shades of green color.  If you really want to update your look with a splash of unique color, here is the right article to guide you on how to wear green eye-shadow effectively.

Thing you will need to wear green eyeshadow

– Eyes Concealer
– Eyeshadow Base
– Eye Brushes
– Angled eye shadow brush
– Light green eyeshadow
– Dark green eyeshadow
– Black eyeshadow
– Eyeshadow Primer
– Eye Liner
– Mascara
– Eyelashes Curler
– White shimmer eyeshadow


  • 1

    Apply concealer, base and primer

    First apply concealer and base to your entire eyelid if you have dark upper eyelids. Then top the base with a primer that is helpful in setting the eyeshadow smoothly and evenly.

    Note: Apply all these products with eye brush and make sure to avoid hands as they can stick to your hand and spread to other parts of your face during eye makeup application.

  • 2

    Apply layer of green eyeshadow

    Now apply a medium layer of dark green eye shade on your lash line.

  • 3

    Apply black or dark green eyeshadow to outer crease

    Take an angled eye shadow brush, dip it in a black or dark green eyeshadow, and apply it on 1/3 of the outer crease of your eyes.

  • 4

    Apply green eyeshadow on entire eyelid

    Apply any of your favorite good quality green eyeshadow on your entire eyelid, from the lash line to the crease. Pick a medium flat brush; hold your upper eyelashes tight with forefinger and past your crease gently, but not high.

  • 5

    Blend both of the eyeshades

    Grab a small blending brush, keep it horizontal and blend the black and green eye shadows from the outer portion of your crease. Keep blending the eyeshades until you get the desired neat look.

  • 6

    Apply shiny gold eye shade

    Top the green eyeshadow on your upper eye with a slight dust of shiny gold eye shade to give it a more stunning look.

  • 7

    Apply eyeshadow to your waterline

    Apply either black or green eyeshadow to the waterline as well in order to give your green eye makeup a more attractive and complete look.

  • 8

    Apply eyeliner

    It is time to apply eyeliner which is the main part of eye makeup and enhances your overall look. Take a cake eyeliner pan with an angled eye brush for this purpose. Hold your eyelid from the outer corner with your index finger and gently apply eyeliner from the outer corner of your upper eyelid to the inner corner or vice versa.

    Note: Wait for 2 to 3 minutes once you apply the eyeliner in a liquid form as it can stick to your eyebrow bone and create a messy look.

  • 9

    Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara

    Once your eyeliner is dry, open your eyes and curl them with a curler. Now, gently apply some lengthening mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes. Again wait for one or two minutes until the mascara dries thoroughly.

    Note: You can also use waterproof mascara in order to avoid its spread.

  • 10

    Apply white shimmer eyeshadow

    Apply a thin layer of white shimmer eyeshadow to your eyebrow bone, area in between your eyebrow and crease. However, if you want to keep your green eye makeup light, then you can simply skip this step.

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