How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a widespread classic to give your lips an ideal sexy look. In short, lips with perfectly applied red lipstick are always pleasing to the eye, stunning, and never go out of style. You can flaunt your luscious lips with alluring red lip stick and dominate your parties and daily life activities with its amazing power of attraction. However, wearing red lipstick perfectly is an art that requires a little expertise.

Do not worry, given below are some simple steps to help you in wearing a red lipstick perfectly:

Things you will need to wear red lipstick:

– Foundation or concealer
– Lip balm or lip scrub
– Lip liner- that matches your red lipstick
– Red lipstick
– Lip gloss – clear or red-tinted
– Lip brush
– Tissue paper


  • 1

    First of all prepare your lips by applying small quantity of lip balm or lip scrub in order to exfoliate them.  You can use your finger tips for this purpose.

  • 2

    Once you moisten your lips, apply some of your everyday concealer or foundation to a lip brush. Now, dust both your upper and lower lips with it. It helps in blocking your natural lip color, reducing undertones and pigmentation.

  • 3

    It is time to outline your lips. Pick a lip liner that best matches your selected shade of red lipstick. Place the tip of your lip liner right on the Cupid’s bow of your upper lip and outline it gently, smudging it for a more natural look.

    Note: The upper lips’ Cupid’s bow is basically the area of your upper lip with two peaks and a valley right in the middle.

  • 4

    Outline your upper and lower lips with lip liner, highlighting the outer corner of your lips. The application of lip liner is essential as it helps in keeping your red lipstick stay in place.

  • 5

    Now, apply the same lip liner to your upper and lower lip areas and blend it with a lips brush to create a smooth look.

  • 6

    Pick your favorite red lipstick and apply it on your lips, starting from the center of your lips (lips’ Cupid’s) and working it outwards to the corners of upper lips. Apply it to the lower lip and blend with a lip brush for a more natural look.

  • 7

    Take a clean tissue paper, fold it and place it between your upper and lower lips. Gently press your lips together, hold for 2 to 3 seconds and remove the tissue paper.

  • 8

    Go through step 6 to apply another coat of of the selected red lipstick.

  • 9

    Apply a thin coat of lip-gloss to your lips in order to seal your lipstick with a sopping look.

    Note: The application of lip gloss is optional as red lipstick is already bold itself. Therefore, make sure not to apply too much of lip gloss.

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