How to Write a Business Envelope

If you are running a small business and have to send mails to your suppliers, customers, employees or any other authority/person, you will require some well written or printed envelopes containing the basic details of your business (such as name and address) including the necessary places where you can fill the recipient’s information.

There are certain things which you must keep in mind while writing your business envelope. A good business envelope contains all the essential elements which assist the postman to deliver the mail to the recipient on time without any difficulties.


  • 1

    Choose plain envelopes

    First of all, you have to choose a good quality paper for your envelope. The business envelopes must be plain without any kind of texture on them. However, if you are running a business related to art and design, you can also use textured and coloured envelopes.

  • 2

    Use black or blue pointer for writing

    It is extremely important for you to use only black or blue pointer to write the address and other details of the recipient on the envelope. Never use a red pointer or ballpoint to write the details as it looks completely unprofessional. Furthermore, use good quality pointer or ballpoint.

  • 3

    Print out the label on the envelopes

    It is better to print out the required labels on the envelopes. For instance, you must print the name and address of your business on all the envelopes so as to make them more attractive and to save time while sending mails.

  • 4

    Use correct details in 'attention to'

    Sometimes people forget to mention the full name and designation of the recipient in the attention to. Therefore, please make sure that you mention the name of the recipient clearly in block letters.

  • 5

    Write complete address

    You must mention the complete address of the recipient on the envelope. Don’t use short forms of addresses as it may become difficult for the postman to comprehend.

  • 6

    Verify the address from USPS

    If you are not sure about the address of the recipient, you must verify the address from the USPS or any other directory containing the details of all the addresses of a particular region.

  • 7

    Write the address in the centre of the envelope

    You must write the address of the recipient right in the centre of the envelope in order to make it look professional.

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