LinkedIn Passwords Hacked

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, is dealing with a backlash from users after a breach of security ended up with hackers publishing 6.5 million passwords online. LinkedIn seems to have bungled the situation by being slow in providing information to users whose passwords were published along with keeping quiet about the extent of the breach.

The latest update from the social network came on Saturday, June 9, through a blog post that stated LinkedIn’s commitment to protecting user data and overall security of the site. They also claimed that the recent hacking of their systems had not compromised any user accounts.

The LinkedIn drama started on Wednesday, June 6 when the passwords appeared on a Russian site. The company confirmed the security lapse later in the day after the news had already made headlines. The confirmation also came with an advice to users about security and asked them to change their passwords. It was later revealed by online news outlets that the hackers were able to exploit a loop hole in LinkedIn’s mobile application.

Many have been critical of how LinkedIn handled the situation and their sub-standard security. LinkedIn claimed that it was contacting users that were at most risk. Reports show that not every one that had their password published got an email or notification from the company to reset their password. Many users assumed that they were in the clear because the company had not contacted them. However, several tech blogs and online magazines are reporting that users who found that their password had shown up in the Russian forum did not get any emails from LinkedIn.

Security experts are also blaming LinkedIn for the security breach because the company did not employ adequate security measures. Some analysts even warned that as long as LinkedIn is still investigating the matter, the chances of further revelations of leaked data could be possible. As of now, Linked in has called in outside help to help figure what exactly happened and to what extent their systems were breached. The investigation is also being helped by the FBI, who is concerned about exactly how so much data could end up on a Russian forum that is known for its criminal elements.

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