List of Colonic Irrigation Services in London

A modern lifestyle makes it difficult to consume healthy and fresh foods. Most of us tend to eat out or grab packaged meals. These products can contain several chemicals and toxins that are not good for your body. Over the years these unhealthy elements can build up in your body. Some deposits can appear in the colon of a human being. A good idea is to go through a Colonic irrigation. This will help remove your colon of all harmful elements. A Colonic irrigation service is available in London that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Below is a list of some of the top colonic irrigation services in London:


  • 1


    Brings a unique way of Colon hydrotherapy with a natural approach to cleaning and detoxifying. Aqualibria uses up to date technology with professional staff.

  • 2

    The Hale Clinic

    Provides treatment with complementary and conventional medicine and ensures that the process is done in a natural way.

  • 3

    Hydro Holistic

    Is one of the best Colonic irrigation services in London which makes you feel lighter, fresher and energized.

  • 4

    Natural help London Clinic

    Specializes in natural treatment and is ranked among the best Colonic Irrigation Services in London

  • 5

    4 Balance and Health

    Provide easy and safe body treatment, especially when it comes to colonic irrigation. The cleaning treatment of colon done by 4 Balance and Health also benefits the whole body.

  • 6

    London Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic

    Is the best place for those who are having digestive issues. The Clinic provides colonic therapy according to the ancient dating which was used by Greek and Egyptian which ensures the process is natural.

  • 7

    Parkland Natural Health Clinic

    Is a renowned health clinic especially for Colonic irrigation. Parkland Natural Health proves comprehensive consultations with effective and efficient treatment.

  • 8

    The Keet Clinic

    Is one of the oldest colonic irrigation service provider in London which was established in 1986.

  • 9

    Ashlins Natural Health

    It is one of the best Colonic irrigation service providers in London which provides an extensive range of treatments for colon.

  • 10

    North London Colonics

    Is a specialised and expert Clinic for Colonic Irrigation with the help of professional and reputed staff.

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