Restaurants For Comfort Food In London

Finding a comfort food restaurant in London is not a difficult task because this metropolitan has numerous venues that serve high quality and delicious comfort food. Comfort food is one that is cooked traditionally and has a sentimental appeal to it. In brief, comfort food is easy to eat and easy to digest and gives you rich calories and nutrients. Several restaurants in London are offering this kind of food to their guests now. However, not every other eating place can produce tasty and quality comfort food. Therefore, to sort this issue, here is a list of comfort food restaurants in London from where people can begin their search.


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    At 2-12 Wilson Street, Moorgate, London, Bangers is one of the front line comfort food restaurants in the city. This restaurant serves authentic British food and one will find large portions of servings when ordering it at this eating venue that produces amazing comfort food for the city dwellers.

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    Canteen is operating from the Royal Festival Hall and is another fine place to enjoy comfort food. This eatery is already a hit among the locals on the South Bank because of its wide variety of pie and classic fish dishes as these dishes are amazing in taste as well as in quality.

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    Dining Room

    Dining Room also serves comfort food. This venue is already famous because it changes its menu on a weekly basis. Moreover, guests can also find various seasonal British varieties at this eating place that is famous among all the gentries in London.

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    The National Dining Rooms

    Offering comfort food in The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, the menu of The National Dining Rooms comprises of British food that is quite popular among visitors of The National Gallery. People from different parts of the British capital come to enjoy comfort food at this spot.

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    Paternoster Chop House

    Paternoster Chop House is famous for creating magic with its comfort food. This eating venue can be found in Warwick Court. The specialities of this comfort food restaurant are Roasted Mendip lamb and Wild Cornish Bass that have forced guests to come again and again to this restaurant.

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    Union Jacks

    Located at 1 St Giles High Street in London, Union Jacks is also famous among the comfort food devotees. The chefs at this venue use modern techniques to bring more flavour in the dishes in order to make their guests feel happier after having food at this restaurant.

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    Le Cassoulet

    It is not only famous because it provides comfort food, but also because of the fine varieties that are served such as Cassoulet, which is one of the specialties of this eating place and also quite popular among the guests. This bistro can be found at 18 Selsdon Road in London.

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    Deli West One

    Deli West One is another fine option for comfort food lovers. The visitors will find specialties like kosher sandwiches and chicken soup. Do not underestimate this tiny sandwich shop as the delicious taste of their products will blast your senses with joy. It is located in central London at 51 Blandford Street.

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    Offering traditional British fare, Poppies is a restaurant that is not only admired by the locals, but also well-liked by the tourists. Fish and chips are considered as the specialties of this establishment. Apart from that, guests will also have a wide range of food variety to choose from.

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    Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

    At 11-15 Swallow Street in London, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill  has also dragged a lot of people as its guests because of the high quality and mouth-watering taste of the foodstuff. The most popular dish of this establishment is fish pie, which the clients can enjoy along with drinks.

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    Koya serves comfort food like hot noodles with hot broth. This is a special dish of this venue that is served by submerging the noodles in a piping hot and delicious broth. This restaurant is operating from the 49 Frith Street in London for a long time now therefore, aside from locals, visitors also know about it.

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    Dean Street Townhouse

    Dean Street Townhouse also possesses comfort food specialties, which are mince and tatties. This Soho brasserie can be found at 69-71 Dean Street in London. The venue serves contemporary comfort food that is good enough to make regular guests of this establishment happy.

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    Little Lamb

    This restaurant needs no introduction as it already stands among the top eating venues in the British capital. The specialty that you will find here in comfort food is Mongolian hotpot that is cooked in a classic way and served alongside a bubbling pot of soup.

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    Mother Mash

    It not only offers classic mashed potatoes, steaks and ale pie, but it also has some fine varieties when it comes to comfort food. This restaurant is rendering these services at 26 Ganton Street in London, where Londoners come and enjoy food with their friends or families.

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    Stockpot serves wonderful pudding when it comes to its comfort food specialties. In addition to this the venue also serves varieties like jelly with ice-cream, golden sponge and rice pudding in desserts. On top of that guests can enjoy these desserts in quite reasonable prices.

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