Steps to Create More Room Space

Ever walked into a room and felt it was smaller than you last remembered it? Is it that you recently experienced a exponential growth sprout? Or is that tiny voice in your head right? You know that voice that just said the room is actually shrinking in on itself. Until you get the facts to back that theory, lets just say you have an image problem that can be fixed through a series of simple steps to change your perception of space in that sardine can you are standing in. Magic?, Not quite. Just a few things you can quickly do to help you enlarge and completely get rid of the smallness. Read on to find out some ways of spacing your room.


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    Tidy Up

    You know those furniture and other items that are no longer of better use, laying around unnecessarily taking all that space? Well, they need to go. However, if for some personal reasons you'd still like to keep those stuffs, you can simply create wall shelves in order to free up floor space. Also, you can add shelves or hooks in the closet, place small items in baskets or boxes on the shelves, add a hook to the back of your door for your coats and accessories. Get a storage bed that has alcoves for storage, or an elevated one that you can place storage boxes under is also another great space saver. If you want, you can even add a bed skirt to hide the boxes further. By doing this you create more in your room

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    Examine Your Furniture

    Get furniture that has open legs, or tables that are glass. Furniture that is elevated with legs makes a room look bigger because it creates more air. Furniture with legs or glass tables allow light to travel through them making the room look wide. Attach a folding shelf beneath a window to use as a desk ironing board. You can fold the desk up when you don’t need it and also ditch the drapes and rugs when you can. Keep a space uncluttered and allow more light in by removing your drapes and rugs. Keeping your windows open allows for more light and depth to your room. A rug with the right pattern can make your room look bigger, but it can also separate parts of the room, making it seem more cramped.


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    Maintain Your Room...Constantly

    Make your bed and keep your room clean. Keep your rooms tidy to keep the space open. Make sure you keep walkways open by removing clutter from the floor. Don’t keep anything in sight that you don’t need. Use a decorative chest or cabinet to hide papers and documents, then place something on top that helps the room like a mirror or lamp. Fold up extra blankets and put pillows away. If you find out you have furniture’s or items you don’t use or need, consider selling or donating these pieces in order to keep your room spacious.

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    Introduce Lights

    Keep your room light by allowing the windows to work for you. Remove your curtains or use ones that let light passes through. Place floor or table lamps around your room instead of using large overhead lights. Color part of your room and use vertical lines to elongate. Glass items such as vases, photo frames and jewelry boxes are perfect for trying to increase the size of your room. Being transparent, glass does not take up much visual space allowing light to travel through it. If you have books or objects, sort these items by color. Keeping like colors together by doing this it gives your space an organized look which helps to make it look bigger. Vertical stripes on a rug, walls, or furniture will draw the eye further up or out, making your room look both longer and taller.

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    Cut Down on Furniture

    having too many furnitures around can trigger a sense of suffocation and the need to gasp for air from time to time. If you have experienced such before, then you must have an idea of the psychological and physiological effect of having to deal with too many large furnitures occupying more than enough space in a room.

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