Strange Things Which Are Good for Your Skin

Vitamins, Omega 3 acids and other food minerals are good for your skin. They help maintain your skin, remove the dead cells on it and keep it fresh. Besides these vitamins and minerals, there are other things which keep your skin in good condition. You may never have thought about these things but they are actually good for your skin. Just like leeches can be used to heal some wounds, fishes can refresh your skin.

Things Required:

– Doctor fish or Nibble fish
– Cocoa
– Salt
– Goat milk
– Hot or cold showers


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    There are several bacteria on your skin. The count is almost ten times more than cells on your skin. Thus you should not take shower more than twice a day or use strong anti-bacterial soap and cleansers all the time. This is because any rise or fall in the count of bacteria may cause skin problems. Using anti-bacterial products may kill more bacteria and cause skin dryness.

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    Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish

    Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomum are usually known as Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish. These fishes are found in fish spa and they are used to treat psoriasis and eczemas. In addition to this, they remove dead cells on the skin and refresh it.

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    Drinking cocoa in winters or cold days make you feel warm. In addition to this, cocoa is good for your skin. Research shows that drinking cocoa makes your skin smoother, softer and protects from UV rays.

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    More intake of salt may cause high blood pressure, increases risk of heart attacks and results in poor vision. However, it is good for your skin when it is burnt. You should apply salt if your skin is burnt but make sure the wounds are not open. Applying salt will heal your skin.

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    Goat Milk

    People usually consume cow milk. However, drinking goat milk is not only good for your health but is also great for your skin. It has high contents of fats, calcium and proteins. Goat milk helps your skin in resisting against the elements and helps it regain its original glow.

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    Hot and Cold showers

    Taking shower either with cold or hot water is not only good for your heart but also for your skin.  Cold water is better for your skin as it increases your skin’s durability towards sun and wind. It also helps your skin stay hydrated.

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