Top 10 Apps to Install After Rooting Your Android Device

There comes a time when you feel a need to root your Android device. However, the first problem that comes in mind of many Android users is how to find the useful applications they have installed since buying the device. Though all your contacts, images, music files and emails are synchronized in Android, one has to download all the applications again if they have rooted their Android devices.

These devices offer variety of top free and paid applications at the same time. However, you need to know how to use the “Play Store”.


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    First, you need to install “Skype” which is a free of cost calling service on the internet. However, the clarity of this service completely depend upon how strong is the speed offered to you by respective internet service providers. Through this service you can make voice and video call at the same time. You have to make a login id before start using this service.

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    Second most famous application is “Viber”. This service is more like Skype but does not offer video calling. You do not have to make a login before using this app because your phone’s contact list automatically adds the people already using this service.

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    It is becoming famous all around the web due to its versatility and ease of use. Through this application, you can send messages, music files, video files up to 10 MB etc to your friends and family suing this service.

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    It is more like Skype but this application is for those people who cannot access Skype in their respective countries.

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    Through Fringe, you can make video calls even with a low connection.

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    Play store offers you to use “Facebook” at your Android devices.

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    MX Player:

    It is another exciting application, used for playing videos and music respectively.

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    Flash light:

    Though the “Flashlight” option is available in most Android phones, the “Play store” offers this service.

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    You can post advertisement to sell or buy products and services at OLX after downloading the application.

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    Adobe reader:

    It allows you to process and check documents.

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