Top 10 Social Networking Apps for Iphone

Over the last few years, social networking has brought about a revolution in our lives, with our hectic routines in the current era not allowing us to meet our friends and family members often. In such a scenario, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have given us a lot of breathing space as we can communicate with our loved ones using the internet. With the inception of smart phones, using social networking websites on the go has become extremely convenient, allowing us to regularly use our Facebook, Twitter or MySpace accounts, without having to log onto our desktops or laptops.

There are a number of social networking applications for iPhone users (both free and paid) which make it very easy to stay connected on the go.


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    Facebook (Free)

    Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites, with millions of users. If you have already made an account on iTunes, the next step for you is to install the latest Facebook app which is available for free.

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    Twitter (Free)

    Just like Facebook, Twitter also houses countless users from all across the globe. High profile politicians and celebrities also use Twitter to stay in touch with their fans. The official Twitter app for iPhone is free and can be easily installed.

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    While most of the social networking apps connect you to one website at a time, Flipboard allows its users to enjoy multiple social networking sites using one unified interface.

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    Meebo is also a wonderful app through which you can access multiple chat services like Facebook, MySpace, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, Instant Messenger and more.

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    Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps in the genre. You can send unlimited messages, pictures, songs and videos to your contact list for free using Whatsapp.

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    Imo Instant Messenger

    Imo is also a free app and allows you to connect to several networks, including Facebook, to chat with friends and family.

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    You can stay connected to multiple social networking sites at the same time using this app.

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    TweetDeck iPhone App

    This app helps you use Twitter efficiently. You can also sign-in with multiple Twitter accounts at the same time with TweetDeck.

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    Uface ($1.99)

    This app helps you make avatars for social networking websites.
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    By downloading LinkedIn on your iPhone, you can have your professional network in your hands. This application can help you find a better job and to expand your professional network.

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