10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable

While advancements in medical science have greatly increased the human lifespan all across the world, there are still limits which can’t be crossed. Over the years, cures for several diseases have been found, which were earlier thought to be incurable; nevertheless, there are still a few deadly diseases which are incurable, despite the best efforts of researchers.


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    Acquired Human Immuno Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a disease which affects the immune system of the body. It is a transmittable disease and is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV causes a person’s body to become vulnerable to infections and diseases. 

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    Cancer is uncontrollable growth of cells in the body. Almost every third person in a developed country is affected by Cancer. It is not curable, but with the advancement in medicine, it is slightly controllable now. People use chemotherapeutic drugs, radiation therapy, surgeries and diagnosis for this purpose.

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    This deadly incurable disease is seen among humans, gorillas and chimpanzees. It causes fatal hemorrhagic fever and some of its symptoms include rashes and profuse hemorrhaging.

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    Polio is an acute viral infection and some of its symptoms are headache, nausea, muscle pain and fatigue. Polio eventually causes permanent paralysis of throat, chest or limbs among the victim’s body. This disease is eradicated from several regions but many children in Africa and South Asia are still affected every year.

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    Lupus Eythematosus

    Lupus Eythematosus leads to chronic inflammation in the victim’s body parts. Most common symptoms are rashes and red patches all over the body.

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    Diabetic patients fail to produce insulin, eventually failing to maintaining healthy glucose or sugar levels in the body. This disorder is related to carbohydrate metabolism in a person’s body.

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    The common cold

    The common cold is an acute viral infection which affects the upper respiratory tract first and then the lower respiratory tract. This might eventually lead to infections in eyes and ears. There is no real cure for this and it is easily transferred between people.

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    Asthma is a condition in which inflamed airways are constricted. This chronic disorder causes coughing, breathlessness, wheezing and chest tightness. This condition makes the victim very sensitive and he might face difficulty when exposed to pollen, smoke, air pollution or dust mites.

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    The respiratory tract of a person who suffers from this viral infection is affected. Influenza is also known as grippe or flu and some of its symptoms are soreness and pain in muscles and head, along with fever.

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    Creutzfeldt – Jakob Disease

    Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease, is a rare disease which is interlinked with the central nervous system. It leaves brain tissues with holes and is incurable.

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