15 Unforgettable Sports Disasters

People have a passion for sports but did you know about these disasters which have killed several people in the past? There have been many instances where lots of people have lost their lives. Either they were celebrities, or the audiences who were there to watch them. Sports is definitely something that we all enjoy, but history has seen many incidents where people have not given up on their passion despite the fact that it could hurt them. Such events have been listed down below where lots of people have lost their lives while trying to fight for the sport they love.


  • 1

    Death of Ayrton Senna

    The incident took place on May 1st, 1994. The three-time Formula One champion died on the spot after his car crashed into a concrete barrier. He was in the lead when his car crashed.

    Ayrton Senna
  • 2

    Munich Olympics Massacre

    Back in 1972 when the Olympics were being held in Munich, West Germany, 11 team members of Israel were taken as hostage by a Palestinian group.

    munich olympics
  • 3

    Gabon Air Disaster

    Zambian National Football Team had to start from scratch as the plane carrying them to Senegal for a match crashed. Despite the fact that this incident took place in 1993, they still came close to qualifying for the World Cup 1994.

    gabon air disaster
  • 4

    Zamalek Disaster

    A friendly football fixture between Zamalek and Dukla Prague saw 50 dead after 80,000 people tried to enter a stadium that had a capacity of 40,000 people.

    zamalek disaster
  • 5

    Munich Air Crash

    In 1958, the English football club, Manchester United, lost all of its players in a plane crash. The team managed to bounce back and is now hailed as the best team in England.

    munich air crash
  • 6

    Luzhniki Disaster

    In 1982, during the UEFA Cup match between Spartak Moscow and Haarlem, a stampede started after a woman stated she is looking for her shoe. Eventually 340 Spartak Moscow fans lost their lives.

    luzhniki disaster
  • 7

    End of Michael Watson’s Career

    Michael Watson ended his career prematurely after going into a comma during a fight against Chris Eubank.

    michael watson
  • 8

    Death of Hansie Cronje

    The famous South African cricketer was flying home in an aircraft in 2001 and the pilots lost visibility. The plane crashed into the mountains.

    hansie cronje
  • 9

    Armand Cesari Stadium Disaster

    One of the terraces in Armand Cesari Stadium collapsed in France. This left 18 dead and thousands injured.

    Armand Cesari Stadium Disaster
  • 10

    Oppenheimer Stadium Disaster

    This is known to be the second worst sporting incident in the history of South Africa. In 1991, 30,000 fans entered a stadium with a capacity 23,000. 42 deaths occurred after a wrong decision was made by the referee.

  • 11

    Bradford City Stadium Fire

    In 1985, the Bradford City Stadium caught the worst fire the England has ever seen.

    Bradford City Football ClubFire Disaster 11 May 1985Fifty six people die
  • 12

    Estadio Matio Flores Disaster

    Right before the 1998 FIFA World Cup, a match between Costa Rica and Guatemala caused a human avalanche and this killed 83 and injured 140 people.

    estadio mateo flores
  • 13

    Khatmandu Stadium Disaster

    Hailstorm made the fans run away from the Khatmundu stadium but this in return caused 93 deaths.

    khatmandu stadium disaster
  • 14

    Estadio Nacional Disaster

    318 people were killed during a playoff game between Peru and Argentina.

    estadio nacional
  • 15

     Puerta 12 Tragedy

    A stampede at gate 12 during a derby game between Boca Juniors and River Plate, 71 fans were killed while 150 were injured.

    Puerta 12 Tragedy

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