4 Ways to Wear a Tunic

This summer’s hottest fashion trend is the tunic. Don’t miss out. You can expect to see people sporting tunics just about everywherer you’ll go this summer. That’s because the tunic is flattering to most evey body type. It can be dressed up or worn casual. Tunics will be worn even to the dressiest of occassions. Hollywood fashionistas is already crazy about the tunic. Here are some of the ways to accessorize your tunic for the look you want.

Couple a plain tunic with a flowery skirt, or visa versa. The three quarter inch sleeves are great for anyone’s arms. Pair a tunic and skirt with flirty heels. Add a few classic jewelry pieces and you are ready to head out for a romantic evening. No matter which restauraunt you go to, don’t be surprised to see others sporting tunics.

By the seahore..
Tunics generally fall below the waist to mid thigh. They are a great after beach wrap. You can go straight from the beach to socializing with the right tunic look. On the beach you might wan to add a hat that compliments your tunic’s color sheme..Flat or flip flops looks great with a tunic. To go from beach to apres beach stash your flops ina bag and don small quarter heels.You’re ready fro a seaside snakc at any establishment.

Not so Casual casual
Tunics sporting sequins and ethnic inspired flats and neytral coclors are just the thing fro an urban sporty look. It’s casual with a twist. You’ll fit in anywhere that has a casual air, without blending into the woodwork. Chunky necklaces are no problem for the tunic. The wide V nck is flattering and provides ample room to show off your favorite large jewelry pieces.

Tunics do not only come in gauzy fabrics. They are now available in a wide arrray of luxurious materials. Silk tunics are not only comfortable, but appropriate for dressier occasssions. There are also any number of print options, from paisley to plain, ther’s bound to be something you’ll love. Pair your tunic with your best jewlery and beautiful high heels. You are set to go to any affair. No need to shy away from dangling earrings, the v neck is the perfect compliment to them

On the Job
Consider the tunic for casual Friday or for any position that does not require a suit. The tunic will make you look neat and put together. Add any tunic to a pair or well tailored pants and work heels and you will stand out.. A one tone tunic looks terrific with a pair of pin striped pants. You’ll be oh so comfortable while still looking professional.

With it’s mid arm or longer sleeves, deep v neck and body skimming style, the tunic is flattering for all body types. Many enjoy longer tunics that fall almost at the knee. No matter what type of tunic you choose, it creates a sleek body line,
Fashionistas, those in the know, claim that the slimming line not only hides imperfections but makes one appear pounds lighter by drawing the eyes to the body slimmest sections So dress your tunic up or down. It can take you anywhere you’d want to go this summer.

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