Annual Comic Book Conventions from Around the World

Some comic book fans may not know this, but there are hundreds of comic book conventions and gatherings, around the world, each year. From Canada, to Japan, to the US, comic book lovers unite to show their collections, try to sell a few odd issues, or just to view the best of the best.

In late June, Knoxville, Tennessee will feature it’s annual comic book fair called Adventure Con. You’ll see celebrities, along with toys and comics – over 400 tables full! Find information on booking a table, dates of the show, and local hotels by logging on to:

The Aggie Con, held at Texas A&M University, features an annual science fiction, fantasy and horror convention. They have a Costume contest and Masquerade Ball, a huge dealer’s room, live performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 24 hour computer gaming and more. Join the AggieCon mailing list to keep abreast of the happenings, or go to for more info.

The annual Japanese animation convention is a huge ordeal featuring three days of fan art, contests, displays and fun. Held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the convention takes place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in mid-July. Pre-register at their website:

Discuss art, comics, pop culture and comics while attending the Anime USA convention, held in November of each year. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of guests and enthusiasts converge on the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner in Vienna, Virginia. Local hotels provide a shuttle service to and from the convention for those in need. Register for the event here:

The Baltimore Comic-Con features anime, manga, comics, DVD’s, cards games and much more. It’s held in October and is located at The Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. Want more info? Phone 410-526-7410 or email

Held in June of each year, the Big Apple Con is a weekend extravaganza of comics, held at the Penn Plaza Pavilion on Seventh Avenue and 33rd St. Exhibitors will have a chance to sell old comics for today’s prices, or simply show off your collection. Get more info here:

The Chicago Comic Book Marketplace holds a convention twice a year at Embassy Suites on Columbus Drive. The show features very inexpensive admission, exhibits, games and fun. Get more info at

Planning on visiting Cleveland? Schedule a trip to the Cleveland Colossal Convention, held in June of each year. There’ll be game shows, dances, contests, galleries and a lot more. Sign up now and get special lodging prices:

No time to travel? At you’ll find a yearly convention, held online, for those who wish to participate in the auctions, forums and art gallery. The great thing is you’ll have no overhead expenses!

Can you believe they even have comic conventions in Caracas? First anime, comic, Cosplay and a lot more. Here’s the site to find more info:

Fumettopolis, Italy’s version of the comic book convention, is held every year in Turin, Italy. And don’t worry if you don’t speak or understand Italian, everything will be translated into English. Find out more:

If you’re crazy over comics, there’s no shortage of conventions, no matter where you live or travel. Be sure to check websites for dates and times, and reserve your lodging early.

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