Attitude: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Moods

Most people can give the name of at least one motivational/inspirational speaker. Lots of people, when you ask them to name one, will give a name like Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuler, Dr. Phil or John Maxwell. Of these 5 names, one is deceased, one is a tv personality, two are ministers. There are other men and women out there who are tops in the field of motivation, also, but my focus is general- and what you see is what is coming from the top of this writer’s head…

Men like Tony Robbins are out there, also, doing speaking engagements, writing books- and just generally being very successful. Like those mentioned before.

But who really needs this stuff? Who is it, out there, who is really benefitting from this stuff? Being encouraged, inspired, and motivated by it?

The industry is a multi-million-dollar profit-generating machine, geared toward people of every walk of life… from the poor to the rich and everything in-between! People in whom there is a degree of motivation- who need that extra little push that the motivational speaker/writer can give them!

But what about everybody else?

All the attitudes out there in the public areas of life, where people are good, bad and indifferent? Where people exist who care nothing about others? Those who would kill, at the drop of a hat? People in gangs? People in whom are a variety of attitudes which change as often as the mood strikes them? Hmm- now there’s a thought… as often as the mood strikes…

People with cheerful hearts are everywhere, doing good, going to work every day, and leading productive lives. People with bad attitudes are out there, too. But they go to work, and carry on their lives, in spite of the attitude. Now THAT is a strange thing! But then there are the attitudes which are dangerous to be around because they belong to people who might pull a gun and rob you or shoot you or rob your gas station or your bank.

Life is a great big lively, colorful collection of attitudes of every kind, and every day can be a risk! Just walking out to your car can happen to be the last action one may ever take.

We will all encounter that strata of life, in our daily life-experiences, which encompasses everything. No one is shielded nor protected from absolutely everything. Even Christians face all the same risks as ordinary people who are not. Who can say why there are all these strange attitudes out there? The good ones, the bad and the ugly ones… and all the varieties in-between those! That’s life! In all its flavors and changes.

Be ready for anything at any time any where. At home, at work, on the street or at church. Life can be pretty good. Enjoy the parts of it which should be! As for the rest of it, I’ve heard it said that maturity is the abiltiy to endure uncertainty.

Another way it has been so succintly put forward, is “emotions are not tools of reason.”

And that is right.

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