Beloved Maria: A Ballad for Garret

A hunter named Garrett loved a lady most fair;
and how he loved his Maria, Maria
With eyes like the ocean and long eb’ny hair;
and oh! how he loved his Maria, Maria.

To prove himself worthy of winning her hand,
a contest he entered for titles and lan.

But fate conspired against him, took what he loved most
And his love was so strong for Maria, Maria
The palace he won her housed a most angry ghost;
who’s foul curse then struck poor Maria, Maria.

The jealous spirit had her stolen away
and Garret still searches for her to this day.

Wand’ring the land, searching both far and near;
seeking his beloved Maria, Maria.
Just longing to hold her and whisper in her ear.
Oh how I’ve missed you Maria, Maria.

My love.

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