Child Abduction: Be Prepared

Are you prepared in the event your child is abducted? Every parent tries to prepare their child for a possible abduction but parents also need to be prepared in the event the worst does happen? Teaching our children to be careful does not stop an abduction but the better prepared parents are the better chance we have of recovering our children before it’s too late.

The most common form of child abduction is now known as parental abduction. It is not uncommon for a parent to abduct their own child as a form of revenge against their ex-spouse. Even if your former spouse does not seem like a vengeful person it is best to be prepared for the worst rather than being blindsided if your child is abducted by your ex.

Always have the following information in a place that you can easily access if you find yourself on the wrong end of such a crime. Many of the following apply for either parental or stranger abduction.

� Current photos and video of child and former spouse
� Up to date child ID kit.
� DNA Sample
âÂ?¢ Description of former spouse’s car and plate numbers
� List of tattoos or distinguishing marks on both child and former spouse

Stranger abductions are less common but there is still a very real risk of your child being abducted out of a school yard or even from your own backyard. According to the FBI about 300 children are victims of stranger abduction every year. In order to assist the police and speed their ability to recover your child quickly from an abductor make sure you pay attention to the clothes your child walks out of the house in order give an accurate description.

Be aware of any strangers or vehicles hanging around the neighborhood or schoolyard. Always have your child’s ID kit and DNA sample in a safe but convenient place so when the police arrive you have them ready.

While your child may feel you are being nosy always know their passwords to their email and websites such as If the abduction is not random this is where you will find out. Keep a close eye on the site your child frequents and know their friends. If they are meeting or chatting with someone inappropriate they are likely to tell at least one friend.

Do not wait for your child to be abducted to do these things as that will be too late. It only takes a second for a child to be abducted and once the abductor has your child they are able to get about one mile for every minute they are gone. The extra minutes you may be taking to find photos and other things to identify your child are critical minutes that the abductor is taking your child farther away from you.

While it is important to do all you can do to prevent abduction being prepared for when it happens can save your child’s life.

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