Creative Mason Jar Gifts for Kids

While kids often have one big gift in mind for Christmas, it’s also fun to surprise them with some smaller presents. I like to raid the $1 section and make my kids a present filled with a plethora of small toys. Giving these small gifts in a mason jar is visually appealing and inexpensive. I like to think of it as a bunch of stocking stuffers in a jar. This holiday season, consider one of these mason jar gift ideas for kids.

Old School Game Jar

Games from the past were so simple. Although a lot of kids are used to high tech or talking toys, this doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy some old school games. To make this mason game jar, stuff a jar full with plenty of small games. Jacks, bouncy balls and a chinese jump rope are the first things that come to mind. A mini slinky and a tiny deck of playing cards are some other ideas. You might want to type out some instructions or challenges to put in your game jar. For instance, put your slinky on some stairs and see what happens. You could also give some game suggestions such as “Go Fish” or “Solitaire.”

Craft Jar

My daughter loves crafts. Thus, a craft jar is a perfect Christmas gift for her. Some out-of-the ordinary crayons such as metallic or glitter crayons are a nice gesture. Take the crayons out of the box and bundle them together with a ribbon or some twine. This will ensure you have enough space in your jar. Then, add some craft sticks and a glue stick. I was able to fit in some small children’s scissors. Finally, add some small odds and ends such as googly eyes, beads, feathers, string and buttons.

Hair Jar

Do you have a girl who loves to play with her hair? Consider making her a hair “bows and things” jar. Start with basic hair bands in a rainbow of colors. Add bobby pins, bows and ribbon elastics. Fabric headbands and some curly hair clips are some other ideas! For a finishing touch, you can attach a small brush to the outside of the jar.

Explorer Jar

If you know a kid who likes to learn, then the explorer jar is the perfect present for him or her. A mini rubix cube key chain will challenge their brains. Kids who like to do science experiments might like some solar beads. Magnets, bubbles and silly putty are some other fun exploratory toys to add to this jar. Using some twine, you can attach a small magnifying glass or plastic binoculars to the outside of the mason jar.

Since these mason jar gifts for kids are glass and many of these presents have small parts, I would recommend giving these gifts to children older than four years old. These gifts are suitable for birthdays, holidays and any special occasion.

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