Did You Hear About the One…? Ultimate Dirty Joke Books

There are times when you need to share wholesome, family-friendly jokes. And then there are times when crude, offensive, politically incorrect jokes happen to make their way into conversation. Those in need of a good dirty joke need not look far. The following compilations ought to do the trick.

The Mammoth Book of Dirty, Sick, X-rated and Politically Incorrect Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of X-rated Gags, by Geoff Tibballs
Publisher: Carroll and Graff, Nov. 9, 2005. ISBN: 0786716010

The first sentence states, “If you’re looking for a nice joke book to give your old grandma a chuckle at Christmas, put this book down immediately!”

Giant Book of Dirty Jokes, compiled by Mr. J
Publisher: Book Sales, Oct. 1, 1987. ISBN: 0890098123

This compilation features, well, dirty jokes. Low-brow humor abounds in this 352 page edition.

Truly Tasteless Jokes, by Blanche Knott
Ballantine Books, Reissue edition, May 12, 1985. ISBN: 0345329201

This was the original dirty joke book. It debuted in the ’80s to much success. Over two million copies have been sold to date. Knott has published several other “truly tasteless” books, including the “Book of Truly Tasteless Anatomy Jokes.”

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling’s Disgustingly Dirty Joke Book, by Jackie Martling
Publisher: Fireside, Oct. 7, 1998. ISBN: 068485533X

The caliber of this book’s jokes can be summed up in the first sentence: “Schmidlap is in a bus station men’s room, and he has to take a dump.”

The Dirty Joke Book, by Mr. K.
Publisher: Citadel Press, June 1, 2001. ISBN: 0806521260

One reviewer on amazon.com called this book, “Best in the world.” Better see for yourself.

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