Dyson: Does it Really Never Loose Suction?

When our old Oreck vacuum finally died late last fall, my husband and I debated plunking down another few hundred dollars for a new vacuum. We had recently upgraded to laminate wood flooring throughout most of our home, leaving just a few rooms to receive updated carpeting. In fact, just the bedrooms and the playroom had carpets; did we really need a top-of-the-line machine?

After discussing the positives and negatives, we decided that with two small boys and two grown cats, we did, in fact, need a Super Vacuum and I was left to do the research required to find just the right one.

Instantly, I was drawn to the Dyson DC 07 Pink. A Target exclusive, this pale gray and pastel pink vacuum is a housewife’s dream. It’s PINK for crying out loud! Honestly! Who wouldn’t want a pink vacuum?

The Dyson DC 07 vacuum is an “all floors” model retailing for $399.00 and worth every penny! And the reason it’s pink isn’t to make it pretty! A donation of $40 from each purchase of the Dyson DC07 Pink is donated to Breast Cancer Research. Fabulous! Vacuuming in style now helps researches develop treatments and hopefully discover a cure for breast cancer.

Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology makes this vacuum stand apart from others because it really, truly and in all absolute honesty does not lose suction! Its suctioning power is amazing; I swear that our carpeting is left feeling fluffier and is softer on bare feet after a good vacuuming. The suction is so great that I can clearly see debris being sucked toward the vacuum as I approach the area I’m cleaning.

The Dyson’s sucking power is so very fabulous that you could suck up a child safety electrical outlet cover and it could become lodged in the hose and you could continue vacuuming for weeks without noticing a thing being different. Not that this has happened to me… I’m just saying. And when the outlet cover becomes so lodged that a horrific noise erupts from the machine, it’s super easy to disassemble and discover the source of all that noise. Again, just saying.

The canister is also super, it’s easy to disconnect from the machine and dump the dust into a trashcan. The machine uses a lifetime Hepa air filter that never requires replacing, it simply wipes clean with a damp towel. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation reviewed the Dyson as being allergy & asthma friendly.

The attachments also require a huge rave! The hose, which is extremely long, is attached directly to the machine so you are unable to lose it and it can’t be found dragging along the floor as you vacuum in the upright position. There are several attachments for the hose as well; the first is a long tube that is perfect for getting into hard to reach places. Second, you’ll find a brush attachment that’s ideal for cleaning corners and ceilings and lastly, an upholstery attachment that works wonderfully at removing animal hair from furniture.

As an “all floors” model, my Dyson DC 07 has a knob on the base that makes the switch from vacuuming carpeting to wood/tile floors a breeze! When you’re ready to move to another room with different floors, simply switch the latch in the appropriate direction and off you go!

The Dyson truly is an incredible vacuum. I feel that over the last 6 months or so of use, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth as I’ve spent far less time vacuuming than I would have normally as you don’t have to go over and over the same spot till it’s clean. Generally, it’s a once over and you’re on to the next room.

The convenience and ease of use make Dyson a vacuum I’ll be recommending to friends and family for years to come.

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