Free Summer Coloring Pages for Children

Summer is here! Children are now actively counting down the days until school gets out for that long summer holiday. Parents are busy making summer camp and vacation plans. It is a busy time of year. Summer is filled with trips to the beach and the playground, camping trips, time spent at the county fair or state park, riding the roller coaster or ferris wheel at the amusement park, going to the pool, barbequing…just having a good time.

Perhaps you are looking for activities for your children to do, little things that they can enjoy. Small children often love to color, and will go through coloring books like nobody’s business. There are a number of websites that offer free coloring pages year-round for children that you can easily print out off of your computer. Just click and print and before you know it…your child can be busy coloring!

Here are several websites that offer free coloring pages for children – all with the theme of summer. Children can color pictures of sailboats and beach scenes and ice cream and ocean animals. What a great way to kick off the summer!

First School
They have summer coloring pages for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Check out their section of Activities and Crafts for Summer. Lots of cute pictures of teddy bears enjoying summer fun – at the seashore, eating ice cream, sailing and playing at the beach. There are bird, insect and ocean animals coloring pages. Lots to find here!

This website has a number of classic summer fun pictures for your child to enjoy coloring in. Several beach scenes, ice cream pictures, kites flying, baseball pictures and sailboats for example. Some pictures have more detail than others, some are very simple drawings to make coloring easy on little ones who may have trouble staying in the lines.

Kid Printables
At this website you will find some charming pictures for children to color in. The pictures look almost like cartoons, very comical and silly. They will very likely make your child giggle. A number of action pictures here – with a fishing picture, biking, family at a barbeque, trip to the beach and a skateboarder. Lots of other unique pictures at this website.

Family Fun
This website is having a unique summer promotion called 92 Days of Summer Printables. Visit their website each day to print out a brand new coloring page for your child. There is also a puzzle or maze or a craft to print out each day as well. What a wonderful way to spend the summer!

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